Seeing Clearly - David Webber's Story

David's Story

In 1996, with a successful career as a Computer Network Integrator, I was suddenly diagnosed with a severe case of uveitis (a disorder of the immune system causing inflammation within the eyes). No medical cause was determined. For the next six years, I was in pain with complications, including significant damage to both optic nerves, cataracts in both eyes and glaucoma. I had five operations. My ophthalmologist told me that my condition would probably worsen. By 2002, I could barely count fingers in front of my face and my visual acuity was 20/800. I was declared legally blind.

I was desperate to find a way to save my eyes - and my life - as I knew it.

In my search, as a long time meditator, I tried ancient Buddhist exercises used for healing the eyes, as well as the Bates Method of Natural Vision Improvement. 

At the invitation of Marion Harris of the Feldenkrais Centre in Toronto,  I attended  a series of Awareness Through Movement ® (ATM) lessons. Although my eyes were still very inflamed and out of control, I was impressed with how mental attention directed to gentle movements of my body released chronic tension in my muscles and made moving around safe and a pleasure. I took a professional training for self improvement.

There I discovered that I could apply my understanding of how to build computer network systems to solve, in a practical way, the problem of how heal, rewire and reactivate my own: my eyes, visual system, brain and body.

I explored these areas in concert. The normalization of my immune and visual system was rapid and remarkable. for the last ten years I have been without medication for my eyes and today my acuity is 20/25. I can see the light blue eyes of my wife and the moon and stars at night.

About David Webber

Based on his own healing experience, David Webber (GCFP) has been teaching Seeing Clearly© workshops and presenting at Natural Vision Conference in North America and Europe in the last ten years. He is married, with one son and lives and practices in Toronto, Canada and Vienna, Austria.

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Vision is the primary sense through which we experience the world. Our vision impacts upon every movement we make, as well as how we think and feel.