The Seeing Clearly Approach

Vision is the primary sense through which we experience the world. Despite its importance, the quality and clarity of our vision can weaken and degrade without our knowing how or why, preventing us from doing what we want. In the Seeing Clearly© Method we eliminate what interferes with easy, effortless vision. We learn to see more clearly and without effort. We will find that improving our vision improves our flexibility and balance will improve, as well. 

The eyes and visual system are brain tissue and our brains that can change can heal the eyes and improve vision as well. Throughout the ages there have been many effective methods of natural vision improvement. In every case the essential requirement for success is to eliminate the strain and mostly unconscious muscular tension the sits in the muscles around the eyes restricting blood flow and reducing the ability of the eyes to move freely and aim with ease. 

In the Seeing Clearly Method we release this tension and this enables the eyes to get better by greatly increased blood flow which can flow, stream and feed the eyes with essential healing nutrients and simultaneously remove damaged tissue. With muscles relaxed the eyes can relearn to move freely in any direction. this is necessary for improved vision. They will be free to focus on objects both near and far, enabling us to see better and further reducing strain in the eyes, neck and back.

In the Seeing Clearly Method, using easy and gentle movements, we will create the necessary conditions to enable your brain to heal itself and the eyes and improve how you see.

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